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Riau Archipelago - with its thousands of island has plenty of scenic beaches and diving spots, among them Trikora on Bintan and Pasir Panjang on Rupat Island. The first is about 50 kilometers south of Tanjung Pinang on the eastern side of the island. Pasir Panjang, on the northern side of Rupat facing to Malacca Strait has natural beaches and they are also found on Terkulai and Soreh islands, about an hours distance by boat from Tanjung Pinang. One of the most popular beaches is Nongsa on Batam Island.

Bintan Island - few knows that the place keeps glittering past. When its metropolis neighbor, Singapore , was still muddy fishing village, Bintan was an established port called on by traders from overseas. History also records that Bintan was once the seat of powerful Riau - Johor sultanate. Hang Tuah, a sturdy malay admiral as well as celebrated hero, Raja Haji Fissabilillah, well know as the poet of "Gurindam 12" were born on this island.

Batam - one of the 3,000 islands develops into a major industrial and tourist area, it attracts an ever-increasing population from other Indonesian islands who see Batam as a haven of opportunity. Once almost uninhabited, save for a few scattered fishing communities, Batams history took a sharp turn beginning 1969, when it became support base for the State-owned Pertamina oil company and its offshore oil exploration.

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