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Bunaken island is in the Bay of Manado, located in the north of the island of Sulawesi and part of the administrative city of Manado, capital of North Sulawesi. The marine Park around Bunaken is part of the National Park that also includes the ocean around the island of Manado Tua – or Old Manado, Siladen and Mantehage.

The translucent waters of the Bunaken seas enable people to clearly view numerous sea biota. There are 13 species of coral reefs in this park, dominated by edge ridges and block ridges of rocks.

The beach tourism unfolding in east Minahasa coastal area, with oblique white sandy coast, clean and water which do not wavy make this ideal and balmy place for vacation. A stone looking like a girl close to Telss beach. A legend of a beautiful girl who had suicide plaintively. The place is called as "Batu Nona". Located in Kema, Bitung 35 km from Manado, can reach with local.

Other places; Lembeh strait, Moluccas Strait, Port Bitung, Watu Pinawetengan, Mount Soputan, Siladen Island, Mount Tangkoko, Lake Tondano, Sangir Talaud Island, Lembean, Tomohon, Waruga, etc.

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