• documentaries project
    Komodo Dragon
    titled "Dinosaurous - Komodo Dragon" Rinca Island, Padan island, Komodo Island and Labuan Bajo, Martin Pupp/Producer, Timothy Waker /Director, Phillip Currie/Host
    komodo dragon
  • music videos project
    flying in the sky
    title "FLYING" video clip by Erika The Indonesian singer, Marlend Boy /Producer, Anda /Director, Boby /DoP, Baiquny /PA, Bali location
    music video
  • event documentation project
    Leaders Summit
    CEO Summit Bali, MediaCorp International, Sydney - Australia , Sarah Clark /Event Director - Sofitel Luxury Hotel Nusa Dua
    event documentation
  • future film project
    Nanbenda Bollywood
    Bollywood Feature Film Big Screen Movies titled "Nanbenda" Stalin Udhayanidhi /Hero, Kurian Diana Mariam /Heroine, Allimuthu Jagadeesan /Director, Kathiresan Balasubramaniem /DOP
    future film
  • commercial project
    A Country Builds A Car
    LEMON YELLOW SUN FILMS, Mumbai - India - for the Commercial TV Program Chevrolet Spin Prelaunch "A Country Builds A Car", Shabbir Zainul/Producer, Hugo Menduina/Director
    commercial project
  • still photoshoot project
    Free People
    Free People - Commercial Photoshoot Project - Emily Borner /Producer, Amanda Greyson /wardrobe stylist, Stephanie Lavaggi /Art Director, Chloe Lecareux /Models
    still photoshoot

indonesia fixer film

A full service location company experiencing numerous international productions throughout Indonesian Archipelago for Australian, Canadian, European, American, Indian, Asian, African and etc.

indonesian fixers
As a legal company especially assisting foreigners and International filmmakers & photographers, we are ready to deliver assistance to film crews to search the best shoot locations all around Indonesian

Our experience in the field of film industry brought our clients to reach their successfully complete productions of feature films, TV show, commercials, music video, still photography and corporate event.

We are ready to deliver assistance to film crews to search the best shot location, accommodation, arrange necessary permits and other government formalities. Provide logistical support, facilitates permit, custom, location, talent, fixer, crews, equipment, accommodation and transportation for international production filmmakers who wish to conduct filming in Indonesian archipelago.

Shooting Location of Indonesia Fixer such as: Sumatera Fixer, Aceh Fixer, North Sumatera Fixer, Riau Fixer, Bengkulu Fixer, Jambi Fixer, West Sumatera Fixer, Riau Island Fixer, Bangka Belitung Fixer, Batam Fixer, South Sumatera Fixer, Lampung Fixer, Java Fixer, Banten Fixer, Jakarta Fixer, West Java Fixer, Central Java Fixer, Yogyakarta Fixer, East Java Fixer, Bandung Fixer, Bali Fixer, Lombok Fixer, West Nusa Tenggara Fixer, East Nusa Tenggara Fixer, Sumbawa Fixer, Komodo Fixer, Flores Fixer, Sumba Fixer, Sulawesi Fixer, North Sulawesi Fixer, South Sulawesi Fixer, Kalimantan Fixer, Borneo Fixer, West Borneo Fixer, East Borneo Fixer, Central Borneo Fixer, South Borneo Fixer, Orangutan Fixer, Papua Fixer, etc.

Our very good relationship with the Indonesian government enables us to smooth related procedures essentially in ensuring production time. Assuring you our best assistance and service at all times.

indonesian fixers
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